Hi! Thanks for coming to our site. We are D’Anna, Irika, and Imia – three sisters from Nashville, TN passionate about enacting social justice, loving people, and creating a world we want to live in. Like most people of color, we didn’t have the luxury of choosing whether to engage in issues of social justice. We were keenly aware, even as children, that some action on our part was always required. Over the years, we’ve marched, protested, voted, led social justice initiatives, etc. in order to bring attention to issues our community faces.

It wasn’t until very recently, however, that we sensed a major shift in the social atmosphere in America—for the first time in our lifetime, it seemed that we were not alone. When we looked around at the marches, there were faces of all races standing with us, and sometimes even outnumbering us! It was beautiful to witness and we were deeply moved. We had to help galvanize diverse groups like this all around the world! This is what inspired this project.

Our core belief is this: Mass change requires the masses.

If we want mass change in our world, it will require a critical mass of caring, empathetic people standing with and demanding justice for marginalized groups in society.

Some of the most poignant phrases employed in the movement toward a more racially-just society have, unfortunately, been hijacked and purposely misinterpreted to discredit any actions to promote progress. We wanted to develop something that could not be easily misconstrued, misrepresented, or manipulated to unduly alienate people.

So we took a very simple phrase “I Stand with You” and designed a bold, unifying, timeless message that communicates the power of action and allyship.

We believe the time to act is NOW, and we and trust that you, your family, and your friends, will join the world as we STAND for justice, UNITE in love, and CHANGE the world!